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Turnup Games is a boutique board game & tabletop game designer and publisher.

We create games and puzzles that are tactile, beautiful, thoughtful and fun! We develop tabletop games that are rooted in strategy and logic with a bit of luck and charm thrown in for good measure.

A Blend
Of old and new

At Turnup Games, we are more than just a tabletop game designer and publisher; we are craftsmen who bring the magic of our workshop directly to your tabletop. Our philosophy is rooted in creating tactile, beautiful, thoughtful, and, above all, fun games and puzzles. With a focus on strategy, logic, and a touch of luck and charm, we take pride in developing experiences that resonate with players of all ages.

Frog meeples being cut on the laser cutter

We make our prototypes in house. Once we have a game concept it helps us to produce the game elements and produce physical samples to get a true feeling for the gameplay.

For final production we use a mix of in house and small run manufacturing.

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