Time for something completely different.

Time for something completely different.

For the past twenty something years, we have been working away in our careers, sometimes apart and sometimes together. Then came 2020. It gave us a rare opportunity to take a breath and really focus on what we were doing and what we wanted to do. We knew a few things for sure: we wanted to create, and we wanted to do it together.

We talked about quite a few possibilities, but nothing either of us was truly excited about. And then we started to talk about games. One of us is a game lover, and the other is not. We decided that would be an advantage, as if both of us wanted to play a game we created, we knew we would have a winner.

So, I (the game lover) would come up with the ideas, and Iles (the game player if he has to) would make them come to life. This seemed to fit in well with our passions and talents so we decided to give it a try.

Follow us on our journey, how hard could it be?

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