To create fun and engaging games for everyone.

Welcome to Turnup Games -- the workshop to tabletop game company.

We're a small board game and tabletop game company that designs, prototypes and produces games in-house, launches them through crowd sourcing platforms and then brings them to the world.

We pride ourselves on high quality game designs for families, couples and casual gamers. We're inspired by the games of our youth -- the games that brought our families closer.

Leanne Gray

Leanne grew up playing games and reading lots of books. Imagination and stories have always fueled her passions, while her career as an Accountant has given her a head for facts and figures.

Her focus is now coming up with game ideas that capture your imagination, are easy to learn, and make you use your noodle!

Iles Guran

A passionate designer, Iles loves problem solving; whether it's designing new products or working to fix something mechanical, Iles revels in the challenges of solving puzzles - both visually and mechanically.

Utilizing his background in graphic and product design Iles is responsible for ideation, prototyping and production.

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