A clever strategy game
Successfully funded - shipping this September!

Reshaping a classic

SUM8 is a two player tile based, puzzle-like strategy game with a rearrangeable board, unique tile design and high re-playability.

Building on the well-known mechanic of matching pips, we reshaped a classic by adding a rearrangeable game board and puzzle aspect to amp up the strategy. The rules are easy to learn, so anyone can just jump right in and play, yet the more you play the more the strategic aspects of the game come to light. 

It's familiar and yet so refreshingly new!

How it's played

A dominoes like feel with a lot of twists.

First, arrange the game board using anywhere from 9 to 12 disks. Using 12 disks gives you the freedom for more placement options, while using a minimum of 9 disks provides a greater challenge. Arrange disks in a 4 x 3 or 3 x 3 grid patterns or in a variety of configurations to change the game.

Players play tiles in alternating turns, either matching pips or adding them to 8 (SUM8) anywhere tiles touch. The first player can place their tile anywhere on the game board -- additional tile placements must always touch another tile already on the board to form a continuous tile structure.

Optional: players can opt to move tiles on the board instead of placing one of their tiles to score points, thwart their opponent, or setup potentially larger scoring opportunities. Only two successive movements are allowed before a new tile must be played to ensure no play 'loops' are ever created. (Use moves sparingly near the end of the game since leftover tile points are deducted from your total score!) 

Place tiles to score the most points. Matching pips scores +1 point, adding to 8 or SUM8s score +2 points and 'BIG8s' score +4 points. Creating multiple 'BIG8s' at once scores the most points and can turn the tide in any game!

"Simple at first glance, but there's actually a lot more going on"

This is a fun & simple game that anyone can jump into

Brennan S.

Play tester

It's not often that I am as surprised as I was with this game

The Nerd Shelves

YouTube Playthrough

It seems simple at first glance, but there's actually a lot more going on

Peter R.

Play tester

A neat, entry level to gaming -- Quite a 'thinky' game

Meeple University

Stella's Short and Sweet

The game is simple enough for my six year old to understand yet challenging enough for adults

Jason B.

Play tester

We all loved the 'how did I miss that' moments!

Becc D.

Play tester

I liked how strategic it was for such a small game (especially the BIG8's)

Brennan S.

Play tester

Although this game has elements of 'luck of the draw', there is so much strategy and so many options, luck definitely does not feel like the deciding factor in this game

Jason M.

Play tester

What makes in unique

The disk difference

SUM8 allows you to configure the play disks in a number of different configurations to make each game unique. The disk layout determines where tiles can be placed, which can give you greater or fewer options, changing the strategic level of the game. The more disks you use, the more places you can go! Increase the difficultly and limit moves by using only 9 disks.


We wanted the game to be big on strategy, not on size. Tuck it in a drawer, a suitcase, a purse or into that small open space on your shelf that nothing else fits into.

All ages and levels

The game is what you make of it. It can be quick and simple or more in-depth and strategic. It is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Easy to play, tough to master.

Instructions & Gameplay

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