Not Another Word Game

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Introducing Not Another Word Game™ - get rid of your cards first in this fast-paced card game. Replace, add, subtract, and rearrange letters to make new words. Try to STOMP / STUMP / TRUMP your opponents.

• 70 cards
• Game Rules

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Sample Game Play
quick summary

The dealer makes a 3, 4 or 5 letter word. Players then take turns doing one of the following:

· Place a card over a letter already played to make a new word
· Add a letter to make a longer word
· Combine letters to make a shorter word
· (For all of the above you can rearrange the letters any way you want!)
· Discard letters from your hand and replace from the deck

Be the first to get rid of all your cards to win!

Game Cards
Cards front and back
Fast & Fun

Fit in a quick play between other games or play a few rounds after dinner. The fun is finding new words, even if you lose! Simple rules and lighthearted play.

3-5 letter words

Since the letter count can change during the game, there are always new possibilities for play! Coming up with words that cannot be easily changed is a great challenge.

Card box, cards front and back - details
Game box back

Think you know what’s coming next? Think again! Since you can add, subtract or replace letters the options are many. Not to mention people will see words you that will not.