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Reshaping a classic

SUM8™ is a two player tile based, puzzle-like strategy game with a rearrangeable board, unique tile design and high re-playability.

Building on the well-known mechanic of matching pips, we reshaped a classic by adding a rearrangeable game board and puzzle aspect to amp up the strategy. The rules are easy to learn, so anyone can just jump right in and play, yet the more you play the more the strategic aspects of the game come to light. 

It's familiar and yet so refreshingly new! 

• 36 classic white game tiles with inset black pips
• 12 rearrangeable game disks
• 2 score disks + 4 score cubes
• Cottong storage / carrying bag
• Game instructions

Download the game rules

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Players place (or move) tiles next to each other on the gameboard in alternating turns so that the pips on any adjacent tiles either match or add to 8 (SUM8). Players score points by matching pips, adding pips to 8 and additionally by creating 'BIG8s'. The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

SUM8 Game Being Played
SUM8 Play Disks
The disk difference

SUM8 allows you to configure the play disks in a number of different layouts to make each game unique. The disks determine where tiles can be placed, which can give you greater or fewer options, changing the strategic level of the game. The more disks you use, the more places you can go! Increase the difficulty and limit moves by using only 9 disks.


The game is big on strategy, not on size. The travel bag lets you tuck it in a drawer, a suitcase or a purse so you can play whenever and wherever.

SUM8 Tiles in Bag
All ages and levels

The game is what you make of it. It can be quick and simple or more-in depth and strategic. It is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Go it Alone

Are you a solitaire or puzzle fan? SUM8 has a solo option where you try to close all nine circles. There are a few difficulty levels to get your brain going!

SUM8 Domino Style Strategy Game Solo Play

What our Kickstarter reviews and testers thought of the game

It's not often that I am as surprised as I was with this game, I think this game will hit our tables a lot.



A neat, entry level to gaming - quite a 'thinky' game


Meeple University

Overall, this is a great little game - like dominoes with a twist - I also like the fact that there's no reading involved, so it's accessible for nearly everyone.



SUM8 is a solid, even ambitious tile laying game that I'd easily be able to recommend to gamer couples of all types


@ Dad's Gaming Addiction

I like both the easiness of play and that the game is very portable - you can take it with you wherever you go.

Tryb Solo

It's a challenging game, a thoughtful game. A perfect dominoes style abstract strategy game that is nuanced & different.

Unfiltered Gamer

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